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Wall Finishes

... It's not a trend - its a culture ...

Our walls surround us, protect us, and inspire us. They make us feel happy, vibrant, sophisticated, quirky, creative, modern, trendy and classical. We build them up, we break them down. Next to floors, they are the largest surface area in an environment. 

Treating your walls with a simple, exotic, plain, patterned, textured, sheened, matt, colourful, monochromatic finish, can add all the difference. 

Since ancient times, specialised finishes have been utilised in environments... today we have the added advantage of sophisticated products to treat and suit any surface. Treating your walls with paint finishes, is not a trend, its a culture...

We specialise in the following wall finishes:

Duo-tone & Trio-tone washes
Aged finishes

Drag finishes
Customised finishes

By using these finishes, we are able to directly place an interior into a category of its own, whether it is unique, or whether it is Modern, Italian, French, Bali, Mexican, European, Moroccan, or African....