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Faux Finishes

... The word Faux, translated from the French means 'False' ...

Decorative artwork painted onto furniture or walls is multidimensional...
from cultural symbols and emblems, to decorative botanical elements, decoration in art can easily and simply define an environment, reflecting bygone eras or modern trends.

Decorative and faux finishes are creative and beautiful finishes, these finishes elevate our environments, from mortar and concrete to the elegant world of marble, gold, silver, copper -  sophistication and elegance rolled into one by the creative and paint-poetic hand of an artist.

Decorative and Faux painting, have a lineage dating back thousands of years - today we have this incredible history to draw upon, and the use of contemporary products allows the artist to develop these ancient finishes further.

Ancient Pompeii was immersed in a flood of faux marble created and painted by their local artists. Ancient Egypt, exhibited beautiful faux painted sky onto ceilings - virtually letting the sunshine in.

We at the singing palette art co create the following finishes:
Faux Marble - Faux Travertine - Faux Wood - Faux Sandstone - Faux Leather - Verdigris - Rust - Copper - Silver and Gold Gilding, in fact any surface can be imitated in paint!

Please click on the Gallery Link below to view examples